Our combat training team is ready to take your battle sequences to the highest levels of excellence, believability and action. Comprised of ex-infantry officers, special forces operatives and federal security agents, our team understands the realities of warfare, enemy activity and strategic decision making. As experienced trainers in the areas of combat, leadership and tactical movements, they will work with your crew to design and execute the realistic, adrenaline-pumping combat sequences your audience demands.


Highgate Systems proudly serves film production companies as a leading source of authentic force-on-force combat costumes, weapons, props, effects and vehicles.

As a full service provider of authentic combat replication props and equipment, Highgate Systems has high standards. This is why we approach each engagement with the highest level of excellence, making sure each detail of a combat scene is as true-to-life as possible . Our equipment looks and if applicable, sounds, real – we want them to be handled in a very real way so your film can reap the benefits.

When it comes to contextual and geographical nuances, count on us to tailor the particulars of our equipment to be aligned with whatever reality you are trying to create, or recreate. Our team of specialists, artisans and experts consider every detail to provide you with the best options for your project.

Choosing Highgate Systems means your film will hold to the highest standards of visual intensity and tactical accuracy.

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